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Family Law Service Center was established in 1976 by a group of concerned social workers and attorneys. Family Law Service Center started as part of the San Joaquin County Bar Association. Our attorneys are licensed professionals who are members of the State Bar of California. Our focus is helping low income survivors of domestic violence and domestic abuse with divorce and child custody.
Leticia Rodriguez, Legal Assistant
Leticia went to work for Family Law Service Center when it was still part of the San Joaquin County Bar Association. She has 30 years experience helping our clients assisting our attorneys with divorce and custody paperwork, calendars, translating for Spanish speaking clients and doing qualifying interviews. We call Lety the rock upon which Family Law Service Center was built!
Julie has been a part of Family Law Service Center since she began practicing law. As our staff attorney, she learned about family law practice from the ground up. She left Family Law Service Center to establish her own private practice, but was always available to train and mentor new attorneys.When our last attorney moved on, lucky for us, she agreed to be our staff attorney again!! She continues to train new attorneys and interns for positions with Family Law Service Center.

Lisa Madrigal,  Legal Assistant
Lisa started working at Family Law Service Center her senior year of high school. She started as a volunteer to complete her senior project and ended up staying while attending Delta College. Her work has taken her from gopher to receptionist to full-time legal assistant. We consider her to be a seasoned veteran because she has been here 10 years!
Toni Cecchetti, Executive Director
Toni came to work at Family Law Service Center 22 years ago after graduating from Humphreys College School of Law. She started by interviewing clients for the attorney and has helped out with all facets of the agency, from receptionist to paralegal to executive director. We can't get rid of her!
Julie Smith, Attorney at Law, Director of Legal Services